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TNC16 - Building the Internet of People

TNC16 - Building the Internet of People
TNC16 - Building the Internet of People

We invite you to submit a proposal (single presentation or full session) for TNC16, the leading networking conference for research and education in Europe. The theme of TNC16 is 'Building the Internet of People'. The conference will be held from12-16 June 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic, organised by GÉANT and hosted by the Czech National Research and Education Network (CESNET).

Proposals (presentation abstracts and session) can now be submitted directly to the TNC16 website:
Deadline for submission (presentation abstracts and session proposals) is 30 November 2015.

NOTE: In order to submit your abstract you will first have to login to the website. The website uses federated login, which means that we do not provide usernames/passwords any more; instead you can log in using your own institutional account. If your institution is not listed, you can use one of the guest providers such as Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

All proposals must be submitted in English, the official language of the conference, and should be on subjects relevant to the spirit and objectives of the conference: to present, discuss and learn about the latest developments in networking technology and its uses in the research and education community. The topics described below are an indication of the scope of the conference, but are not meant to be restrictive.

*Building the Internet of People*
From the start of the Internet, well over 30 years ago, NRENs have been in the business of building network infrastructure, not only to connect campuses to each other and to the rest of the internet, but also to connect people belonging to many different communities worldwide. Not only do NRENs provide the basic network infrastructure on which research and education, big science and big data are built, they also address the requirements of ever-increasing and diverse communities of end users in areas as diverse as trust, security, identity, and a wide range of tools for collaboration.

With the TNC16 Call for Proposals we invite you to explore the challenges that the research and education networking community faces while continuing to build the internet of people. Submissions are sought for a single presentation or a full session that attempt to answer, but are not limited to answering questions such as:

* What is needed to further satisfy the changing research and
education user needs?
* How can NRENs best cope with the changing landscape of funding and
security requirements?
* What roles in the area of cloud services are, and are not,
suitable for an NREN?
* How can developed and developing NRENs more closely collaborate
with each other, on a regional, European and global scale?
* Which advances in technology are hot, and relevant for the NRENs,
in 2016 and beyond?

*Other ways to participate*

* *Meeting proposa*l - If you wish to organise a meeting or workshop
immediately before, after or around TNC16, please contact
<tnc16@lists.geant.org> before 15 January 2016.
* * Lightning talks* (Round 1) – midnight CET, 12 February 2016 -
Please indicate on your single presentation submission if it could
be considered as a lightning talk proposal as well.
* * Lightning talks* (Round 2), *posters*, *full papers* – midnight
CEST, 15 April 2016 - Announcement for the call will be sent out in
February 2016.
* *Sponsorship* - For information please contact
* *Demonstrations and exhibits* - companies or projects wishing to
participate should contact: <tnc16@lists.geant.org>

*About TNC*
TNC is the largest and most prestigious annual networking conference for higher education and research in Europe, with around 650 participants. TNC brings together decision makers, managers, networking and collaboration specialists, and identity and access management experts from all major European networking and research organisations, universities, worldwide sister institutions, as well as industry representatives.

Through keynote speeches by renowned specialists, parallel sessions, demonstrations and presentations, the TNC presents participants with a unique overview of the latest developments in research and education networking, both in the technical field and in the area of application and management.

*Further Information*
See more detailed information about the Call for Papers, topics and guidelines on the TNC16 website:

If you have any questions concerning the conference website please contact: <aai@geant.org>
Concerning all non-technical questions please contact: <tnc16@lists.geant.org>

We look forward to seeing you in Prague in 2016!

13-16 June 2016
Prague, Czech Republic

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