Friday, January 22, 2016

Otvoren konkurs međunarodnog sajma savremene umetnosti "Paratissima Skopje"

Paratissima Skopje
Paratissima Skopje

Paratissima Skopje is an international contemporary art fair open to literally all forms of art and creativity! If you are a visual artist, performer, designer, architect, photographer, fashion designer, filmmaker, musician…or practice any other form of art making, Paratissima Skopje invites you to show and share your work with new audiences.

With this open call we welcome the participation of experienced, emerging and non-academic artists and creative workers and encourage them to experiment, transform and trespass the conventional boundaries in expressing themselves and their work. 

Everyone from everywhere can participate at Paratissima Skopje and showcase their work. 

The call is open until Saturday, April 30 2016. 

You can access additional information about the event at the following links: 

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