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TNC16 Networking Conference

TNC16 Networking Conference
TNC16 Networking Conference
*TNC16* - 12-16 June 2016, Prague, Czech Republic

GÉANT would like to invite you to the Networking Conference (TNC16), which takes place on 12-16 June in Prague, Czech Republic hosted by the Czech National Research and Education Network (CESNET).

From the start of the Internet, well over 30 years ago, NRENs have been in the business of building network infrastructure, not only to connect campuses to each other and to the rest of the Internet, but also to connect people belonging to many different communities worldwide. Not only do NRENs provide the basic network infrastructure on which research and education, big science and big data are built, they also address the requirements of ever increasing and diverse communities of end users in areas as diverse as trust, security, identity, and a wide range of tools for collaboration. With the TNC16 Call for Proposals we invite you to explore the challenges that the research and education networking community faces while continuing to build the Internet of people.
High-profile keynote speakers will address hot topics in the realm of research and education networking:

* Kees Neggers & Steve Cotter: The evolution of Research and Education networking - The debate
* Olaf Kolkman: Collaborative Security - Reflections about Security and the Open Internet
* Deborah Estrin: Small, n=me, data: from mobile health to immersive recommendations
* Anna Wilson: How peoples' lives have been changed by the internet.
* Maria Farrell: Winners and Losers in the Internet of Things, and What We Can Do About It
* Steven Tingay: Big Astrophysics = Big Networks
* Petr Holub: Scalable Storage and Processing of Privacy-Sensitive Data: More Than Just a Dream?
* John Sexton: The future of the Global University and advancing global research and education


There are still many ways to actively participate in TNC16:


GÉANT invites students from all disciplines to participate in an exciting challenge, revolving around the theme of this year's networking conference, TNC16, "Building the internet of people".
The TNC16 student competition is centered around the question "How would you improve the internet of people?". In order to pitch their ideas, participants should submit a 3 minute video with a supporting description. A group of finalists will receive fee waivers to attend the conference and to showcase their ideas during a plenary session in front of a panel of experts.

The contest winner will be awarded with the “Best new idea prize 2016” during an official ceremony at TNC16, which will be held on 12-16 June 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic. ​

For more information and submission visit:

In past years, many TNC participants have created high-quality poster presentations. An effective poster presentation should summarise your work with graphs and images to tell the story and should use text sparingly. Presenting a poster at TNC16 will serve as an excellent advertisement for your work, and can act as a great conversation starter with other TNC participants.

There will be a poster exhibition at the conference venue. The Call for Posters is open and poster proposals are due by 15 April. Details are provided on the conference website:


Lightning talks are 5-minute presentations focusing on one key point: this can be an idea, a successful project, a cautionary tale, a collaboration invitation, a quick tip or a demonstration.
Use this time wisely to present the pertinent message of the subject matter without the need for background history, the problem space or a business-case justification. Lightning talks are an excellent opportunity for first-time speakers.

We will have in total 32 lightning talks at TNC16. The deadline for submissions to the second round is 15 April.

For more information and submission visit:


The conference will include an exhibition area where conference sponsors and various projects will have the opportunity to display their latest products and services.
Companies interested in exhibiting at the conference should contact Gyöngyi Horváth <> for further information.

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